Bible verse favorites

I wish those who unsettle you would castrate themselves! Paul in Galations 5:12 NSRV

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What is so great about the great commission?

I’m sitting here in my office at Starbucks this morning sipping on a dark roast. I’ve missed the jocularity of some of the old retired guys that frequent this place, talking about baseball and old times. I’ll look up from my computer on occasion and laugh at one of their jokes. Maybe I should ask […]

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which passion story of jesus is the true story?

Bible with 3 Crosses

The Passion Story of Jesus on Good Friday is told in different ways by the Gospel writers and did not necessarily agree with each other. Coffee is especially good this morning on Good Friday. Here’s what I’ve been pondering this morning – how Jesus must have felt after Pontius Pilate sentenced him to death. Each […]

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