About Me

My name is Vic Leathers. I am retired and writing has become an addictive hobby. Religion and coffee consume my mind. I can’t imagine writing without coffee in hand. It helps me to see and think so that the words flow freely into my fingertips. I don’t always write about religion – sometimes travel, food, or my cats.

I write about Christianity but I am not a Christian. I am also not an atheist. After practicing and studying Christianity for many decades I finally came to the realization that I wasn’t intelligent enough to call myself a Christian. I am an open-minded, confused agnostic. I would never condemn anyone for their beliefs unless it causes harm to others. My blog is more of an account of how I see things or “Christianity According to Vic.”

I love traveling with my open-minded, gregarious wife. This coronavirus is driving us mad having to cancel a couple of trips within the past year. But, it shall pass if we are fortunate enough to live through it. A lot have not.

Please be nice when leaving comments. I am not in the business of attacking people for their beliefs. I truly want to know how you feel without attacking me for what I feel. I do encourage you to change my mind. As I’ve aged I’ve come to realize that I don’t know very much. I love learning from others. Thank you for participating!

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