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I wish those who unsettle you would castrate themselves!

Paul in Galations 5:12 NSRV

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I consider myself an agnostic when it comes to god and religion. I am more like Thomas (the apostle) who simply chose not to believe until he felt the wounds in the hands of Jesus. I am not anti-anything when it comes to any religion. I spend a lot of time immersed in the Christian Bible because I’ve spent most of my life trying to adhere to the teachings of a particular sect of Christianity. I failed. Over my years of travel throughout the world, I have studied most of the major religions. The more I study, the more I know that I know very little of this religious world. You will probably see in my writing the confusion, disapproval, disappointments, and enlightenment of the religion that I’ve studied over my lifetime. I am not out to change anyone’s beliefs or to denigrate any religion. I am on a spiritual quest to find meaning to my own feelings, not to find god or a religion. My feelings come to me when I study, when I read, when I write, when I do yoga, when I talk with my wife, when I’m with family. I make an attempt to put these feelings into my writing. You may certainly disagree with me. That is okay. Please teach me something. Peace & Namaste Vic

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