6 Seuss Books No Longer To Be Published

Here are the books written by Dr. Seuss that will no longer be published. Click on each book to see details and price. Buy them all now – if you can afford them!

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I consider myself an agnostic when it comes to god and religion. I am more like Thomas (the apostle) who simply chose not to believe until he felt the wounds in the hands of Jesus. I am not anti-anything when it comes to any religion. I spend a lot of time immersed in the Christian Bible because I’ve spent most of my life trying to adhere to the teachings of a particular sect of Christianity. I failed. Over my years of travel throughout the world, I have studied most of the major religions. The more I study, the more I know that I know very little of this religious world. You will probably see in my writing the confusion, disapproval, disappointments, and enlightenment of the religion that I’ve studied over my lifetime. I am not out to change anyone’s beliefs or to denigrate any religion. I am on a spiritual quest to find meaning to my own feelings, not to find god or a religion. My feelings come to me when I study, when I read, when I write, when I do yoga, when I talk with my wife, when I’m with family. I make an attempt to put these feelings into my writing. You may certainly disagree with me. That is okay. Please teach me something. Peace & Namaste Vic

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